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Cash Lovell Stables is my family's second home. Both my girls ride at CLS. Evenings and weekends, we spend with our barn family. Parker and Cashlyn ARE our family. And those magical horses! You truly have to feel the love in our barn to believe or

understand it.

Many barns claim to love the kids and the horses. But what they really love isn't nearly so pure. What makes CLS different is the love brought to every interaction by the mother/daughter duo of Parker and Cashlyn Lovell. The love they feel for each other, their riders and their animals is palpable the minute you walk through the door.

~ Shawn


  The Cash Lovell Difference

Our Family


For four generations, the Cash Lovell name has been synonymous with horsemanship at the highest levels. We're a family business, with horses and children at our core. We teach horsemanship, and we specialize in character development of our young riders. Our reason for being is to help people through horses.


Click here to read our Mission Statement.

Click here to read about the man behind the name: Cash Lovell.


Our Children and our Horses

Ask most folks in the show horse industry what barn is best with children.

They'll likely tell you: Cash Lovell Stables!

We specialize in happy, dirty barn kids and spoiled, chubby horses!

Our Motto. Our Reason for Being. Our Trademark.
"Horses Raise Great Kids."®

Explore our website.

Visit our barn.

Chat with our parents.

Talk with our youngsters.

Enjoy the magic of our horses.
You'll see why we're the region's oldest,

most successful riding academy.

You'll feel the difference the moment

you walk through the door. We're a barn family.

Our Facilities


Cash Lovell Stables is located in Winston-Salem, NC, three miles from Hanes Mall.

Our facility has grown as the Lovell family has grown, and it is totally self-supported and self-sustaining. Every client, every child, every horse, every animal, every day gets our family's love and respect -- and the full force of our attention and skill. Because of you, we get to live our passion and fulfill our purpose.


  • Three indoor riding areas

  • The state’s largest indoor, multi-discipline, climate-controlled riding academy, boarding facility and horse event venue that's open to the public

  • Lighted outdoor rings, horse show arena and riding areas

  • Lighted barrel racing pen

  • A 42-stall barn

  • 24-hour security cameras

  • Live streaming of riding lessons and horsemanship clinics

  • On-site staff, 24-7

  • A climate-controlled lounge and gathering area for riders and visitors, with a view of the indoor riding arena.

  • Leather furniture and free wireless internet access

  • A full-service Tack Shop with the best prices, service and quality in the Triad

  • A family-friendly, highly professional atmosphere where safety is our TOP priority - where everyone is treated like family

  • A welcoming, happy, loving and supportive environment free of the snobbery often associated with top riding schools.

We're the COLORFUL, FUN Barn!

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