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Cash and Cashlyn

the third and fourth generations of CLS

Cash Lovell III

February 26, 1948 - May 21, 2015

For four generations, the name Cash Lovell has been linked to horsemanship at the highest levels. Cash Lovell III shared his name and his passion for training horses with his father and grandfather. 

Cash III grew up moving 18 times around the country as his father trained American Saddlebred show horses. The family settled in Winston- Salem, NC, and more than 40 years ago he took over Cash Lovell Stables from his father, who retired to start Cash Lovell Bit Co. A master horseman who trained more than 40 World Champion American Saddlebreds, Cash III was known as a larger-than-life character who loved feeding bubble gum to children and playing Santa Claus for them. 

He laughed his signature laugh every day and loved to ride motorcycles, Jet Skis and four-wheelers -- almost always with a Jack Russell terrier aboard. He could take over a room, spreading laughter and merriment with his coin and magic tricks, cackling with glee. He loved hunting coon dogs and over the years raised a number of champions. He was inducted into the United Professional Horesemen's Association Hall of Fame in 2012. 


Below are excepts from Cash Lovell's United Professional Horseman's Association

Hall of Fame Induction Speech, September 2012

"The man we’re inducting tonight into the UPHA Hall of Fame is a third generation horseman. His trademark laugh and wide-open zest for life make Cash Lovell III a well known character in the horse world, as well as a revered horse trainer.  When Cash was two years old, his father, the late Cash Lovell Jr., turned Little Cash loose at horse shows to run and rip. As he grew up in this industry, tales of Little Cash running between horse’s legs as a baby, sneaking to play with fireworks as a boy, and driving fast cars and chasing horse girls as a young adult are legendary. Folks predicted that if he lived to see adulthood, he might make a pretty good horse trainer someday.

And he did. But it took a little while. First he wanted to coon hunt and run poker houses. And ride Harleys. And race a few Corvettes. And jet boats, and jet skis. And oh yes, don’t forget the go carts and the airplanes. When Cash first met Parker Nash, whom he would marry and with whom he would build a horse training career, Cash got his kicks flying ultralight airplanes into and out of his back pasture. When Parker asked to see his pilot’s license, Cash cackled his trademark high-pitched-deep-throated laugh, pointed to the sky and said, “I don’t need no license. Ain’t nobody ever

stopped me up there and asked for one.”

By blood a master horse trainer, with a razor sharp eye for horse flesh, when Cash focused on the horses, there were few who could equal him. His training of amateur and children’s horses is legendary.

He could transfer his energy from ringside to a horse, and that horse would become electric. During his career, Cash chose and trained more than 40 World Champions.

But Cash’s greatest pleasures have come not from the wins, but from the people.  Cash still finds no greater happiness than watching one of his riders sit proudly atop a grand horse in the winner’s circle – smiling from ear to ear.













Recently, Cash was diagnosed with a rare form of dementia that is stripping him of his ability to reason, to think clearly and to speak.  Cash hung up his chaps at the end of 2011.
Cash still comes to the barn every morning. And even facing an uncertain, scary future, Cash laughs that trademark laugh, every single day. He loves spending time in the barn. The kids and the people of Cash Lovell Stables have always held his heart. He will still pull a coin trick out of his pocket to entertain folks. Or he might grab a whip and train a horse for a moment. Or he might jump on his 4-wheeler and take off flying down a dirt path. Cash’s love of toys and all things fast continues. His latest toy is an Indian Motorcycle that he painted Carolina Blue."





On May 21, 2015, after a 10-year battle with a rare form of dementia called Fronto-Temporal Dementia, or FTD, Cash died at his home in Winston-Salem, NC. He left behind his wife, Parker Nash Lovell, their daughter Cashlyn Reed Nash Lovell, and his oldest daughter, Michelle Lovell Jones

and a large extended family.

Parker, Cashlyn and Michelle are determined to continue the fourth generation of Cash Lovell Stables, and they all work together in the storied old barn.

Some Of The Champion American Saddlebred Show Horses
Trained By Cash Lovell III . . . 

Multi-WGC High Fashion Sue, Multi-WGC CH Trouble Two, Multi-WGC CH The Showstopper, Multi-WGC CH In Neon ERB, Multi-WGC CH Our Charming Lady, Multi-WC CH Sportster, Multi-WGC CH Riva Diva, Multi-WGC CH Holy Fruit Salad, WGC Ferocia, WGC The Untouchable, WC Command’s Ego, WC and RWGC CH Audrey Heburn, Multi-WC Perfect Offering, WC Time of Your Life, RWC The Irish Connection, RWC The Kentucky Connection, Multi-WC CH Jaunty Janette, Multi-WC The Champagne Lady, Multi-WC CH Aces & Eights, RWGC CH Attache’s Crown Royal, Multi-WC CH Absolutely A Lady, Multi-WC CH Cameo’s Carte Blanche, RWC My Wild Gypsy Rose, RWC CH Santana’s Night Moves, WC CH Attache’s Irish Wine, Multi-WC Kalarama’s Pit Boss, WC  CH Dr. Deker, WC Catalytic, Multi-RWC CH Diamond’s Hope, Mulit-RWC CH Much More Radiant, RWC CH Over Achiever, WGC CH Johnny Rockett, WC CH Reedann’s Phine By Me, RWC Wait & See’s Postmaster, WGC CH Sunken Treasure, CH Doubletree’s Aqua Blue, WC CH All I Do Is Dream, WC CH Town Cat, RWC CH Empress In Black, WC CH Ms. Betty Grable, WC Heartland Curtain Call, CH Out of Reach, CH Diamond Jim’s Attache, CH Man On The Run, Multi-WC CH Herculean

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