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Parker Lovell

"It all starts with a riding lesson."

                         ~ Parker Lovell

A former newspaper reporter, Parker holds degrees in Business and Marketing, and a Master of Science Degree in Journalism from Columbia University in New York City.

Parker's teaching philosophy is rooted in the lessons horses teach us. 

She is a huge proponent of listening to horses. Her philosophy is highlighted in the documentary about Parker, and her daughter, Cashlyn. The film, "Pee Wee Lovell", recently earned top awards by the Equus Film Festival.  

In addition to running Cash Lovell Stables & Riding Academy and teaching riding lessons, Parker is a mentor, motivational speaker, and second mother to generations of CLS students.
She also is a writing coach.

She is developing a program to work with troubled and at risk teens, introducing them to horses and the lessons they teach.

"Horses hold up mirrors to us." 
"How you ride a horse is how you're going to live your life." 
"Life is too short for beige."
"Squishy tushy!"
"My horses are perfect."
Don't you yank on my horse's mouth. I'll put a bit in your mouth and show you how it feels!"
 ~ Parker Lovell

Parker Lovell is known throughout the show horse world for masterminding one of the most successful riding programs in the industry.












Under her leadership, Cash Lovell Stables has earned nearly every accolade possible in the show horse world, including

  • building from beginner riders scores of World Champion and National Academy Champion riders

  • bringing thousands of families into the horse world, and specifically, bringing hundreds of people to horse ownership

  • earning multiple American Saddlebred Horse Associaton Youth Club of the Year titles

  • earning multiple National Academy Finals High Point awards

  • raising more than $100,000 for charity through the barn's nationally-known youth club, Lovell's Little Bits, a 501c3 organization

  • setting a new standard for horse barns in which character development in riders is the foundation on which all else if built









Parker is a huge proponent of the importance of riding programs in building the foundation of the horse industry. Few riding academies have matched the achievements of hers, and many young trainers/instructors have worked with and modeled their businesses after CLS.


















Legacy Saddlebreds

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Parker is a riding instructor, motivational speaker, a mentor to developing riding academies
and a writing coach.

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