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Sunken Trailers, Trail Challenges, Wake Boarding and more!

Updated: Apr 3, 2020

Dear friends,

Less than two minutes. That's how long we had been at the horse

show when not one, but both, trucks and trailers sank into the mud. My big day. The day we were taking both the Saddleseat and Hunt Seat Teams to the same horse show. The kids chimed in, "It's always an adventure with you, Ms. Parker!" Thanks to our fast friend Charlie, and his handy dandy tractor, we were out of that mud in no time. Our sinking "adventure" made our banner day even more fun. Many have naysayed our plan to diversify, to do more than be a traditional Saddlebred show barn. But for us, it's working beautifully. Unless I'm driving, that is!

Next diversification plan: Rid the outdoor arena of rocks so that we

can begin hosting barrel races at CLS. Through our friends the Arvins, we have discovered a beast called a Rock Hound. It's supposed to suck up the dirt and rocks and spit back out just the dirt. Who knew!?! We'll keep you posted. Tonight, we set the Hound loose in the outdoor. Let the dirty fun begin!

In other news, Cashlyn dressed up to give her speech to the school on Animal Rights, and I nearly fell out. She was poised, articulate and passionate. And way too grown up! Afterward, she crawled into a dirty pair of jods, climbed aboard her barrel horse, Fred, and grabbed up Little Grace for a romp. That's more like it, I thought.

Ms. Donna, my 71-year-old student, is learning to canter one of my toughest cantering horses, Churchill. And she's loving it!

Goatie Max continues to climb.

For about the umpteenth year in a row, CLS took a horse to Forsyth Country Day School's Colonial Day celebration.

Cash's middle grandchild, Cameron, is wrapping up his senior year of high school in grand style. Always the one who reminds us the most of Cash, Cameron is wide open! No, this picture wasn't Photo Shopped. And yes, he's wake boarding in a tux.

Bruiser's worn out because, as folks who know us know, there's never a dull moment at CLS . . .

Thanks for reading!


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