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Cashlyn's Heart for the Homeless

I rounded the corner into the kitchen tonight, loaded for bear. As usual, Cashlyn and I got home from the barn after 9 pm. I had asked her to eat quickly and get ready for bed. Instead, she was stuffing a plastic bag. Quite rudely, I'm ashamed to say, I snatched up the bag and ordered her to get ready for bed. Then I realized what she was doing. We pass a homeless man nearly every morning on our way to school. He has a dog. We always give him a couple of dollars. On the mornings that he's on the other side of the street, out of our reach, she is upset. This morning was one of those mornings. Tonight, this is what I found on our kitchen cabinet: a blanket, bag of food for dog and human, and three water bottles. "For the homeless man and his dog," she said.

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