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CLS Riding Academy Boot Camp

with Parker Lovell

"It all starts with a riding lesson."

                 September 15 - 20, 2020


Parker Lovell is known throughout the show horse world for masterminding one of the most successful riding programs in the industry. 

A former newspaper reporter, Parker holds degrees in Business and Marketing, and a Master of Science Degree in Journalism from Columbia University in New York City.

Parker's teaching philosophy is rooted in the lessons horses teach us. 

She is a huge proponent of listening to horses. Her philosophy is highlighted in the documentary about Parker, and her daughter, Cashlyn. The film, "Pee Wee Lovell", was chosen by the Equus Film Festival to be shown in New York in November 2018, where it earned "Best of Festival Human Interest Documentary." 

The film tells the story of how Parker "blew up" her barn in 2014 by firing nearly all of her staff. Since, she and her daughter Cashlyn have rebuilt the storied stables into a powerhouse again in record time.

Click here to watch the documentary.

During Boot Camp, Parker will share why she felt she had to make drastic changes to her business, what she learned from her horses that drove her, how she and Cashlyn faced down a multi-millionaire who built a competing barn nearby with former CLS staffers, and how the Lovells are now running a smarter, stronger, more fulfilling type of horse business. 

Parker believes that the horse industry is built on riding academies. Helping others learn to start, build and grow successful riding programs is her way of giving back to the horse industry, and of helping to create the foundation for its future.










Under Parker's leadership, Cash Lovell Stables has earned nearly every accolade possible in the show horse world, including

  • building from beginner riders scores of World Champion and National Academy Champion riders

  • bringing thousands of families into the horse world, and specifically, bringing hundreds of people to horse ownership

  • earning multiple American Saddlebred Horse Associaton Youth Club of the Year titles

  • earning multiple National Academy Finals High Point awards

  • raising more than $100,000 for charity through the barn's nationally-known youth club, Lovell's Little Bits, a 501c3 organization

  • setting a new standard for horse barns in which character development in riders is the foundation on which all else if built











Parker is a huge proponent of the importance of riding programs in building the foundation of the horse industry. Few riding academies have matched the achievements of her riding program, and many young trainers/instructors have worked with and modeled their businesses after CLS.















Parker continues that work through her Riding Academy Boot Camp program, which gives riding instructors who are in the building phase an insider's up close view of CLS and how it's run.

Parker opens her home and her barn as a live classroom.


The syllabus includes:

  • Teaching the best beginner lesson in the business, including how to ensure the rider's return for future lessons. How to sew those critical, emotional seeds needed to bond with new riders

  • Learn how to ask leading questions that help you properly channel riders from the start, and what are those questions

  • Learn how to grow a customer pipeline - the most critical part of any riding academy

  • Creative riding lesson strategies for all riding levels and disciplines, including the use of games, giant balls, mailboxes and obstacles. Learn how to teach the fun basics of vaulting and "trick" riding that build incredible seats on riders while filling your arena with fun

  • Learn how to put on a successful Horse Show that makes you money, builds your reputation in the community and creates future show riders

  • Learn how to be in the people business, so that you succeed in the horse business

  • Learn how to build a barn youth club that, in turn, builds your barn

  • Learn how to attract smart phone and tablet toting parents, and their babies, to your barn. It's a new world. Traditional marketing/advertising no longer works. A peak inside Google ratings and how to get them

  • Barn visits to other highly successful riding programs in NC, a state that is home to an academy program that has long set many standards for riding programs nationally

  • Round table talks with industry pros who share their ideas and wisdom

  • Dirty little secrets of the horse industry and how to survive/avoid them

  • Open book: A look inside CLS's finances

  • How to keep harmony in a show/lesson barn

  • The pros and cons of pony rides, free introductory lessons and private vs group lessons

  • Saddle fit and how to protect your show and school horse's backs, and Parker's prescriptions for handling/fixing sore-backed and hard to fit horses

  • Making the perfect school horse: Ground work, herd work, voice commands, body language of teacher and horse

  • Communication 101 and Parker's biggest mistakes, unvarnished and in detail

  • Non-Compete Contracts and their pitfalls

  • Liability release forms, liability signs, insurance snares and loopholes to avoid

  • Taking the best care of your school horses on a super tight budget

  • Cheap, natural remedies to halt Cushings, a gas colic and more

  • What veterinarians don't tell you about your horses' teeth, including how to use a dental speculum to inspect your own horses' mouths

  • How to start your own Tack Shop - and what really sells. And more importantly, how to use your wholesale purchasing power to SAVE MONEY on the purchases you make everyday in running your barn

  • Day by day, hour by hour, camp plans that are easy and loaded with fun!

  • Creative and innovative use of your horses to produce alternative sources of income. Find out why Guilford Neurologic Associates paid for an evening at CLS

  • How to diversify through teaching different seats, even if it makes you nervous

  • And so much more, including networking with and support from CLS alumnae and friends throughout the show horse breeds


The next Riding Academy Boot Camp at CLS is set for September 15 - 20, 2020

All inclusive fee of $ 1,200 includes six intensive days of learning, meals and overnight accommodations in Parker's home.


CLS's Riding Academy Boot Camp Graduates have access to Parker,

her contacts, first access to CLS school horses for sale,

and CLS friendship for life!

CLS is where riding academies are born, and lifelong partnerships sewn.

Payment must be made in full at time of booking.




CLS is located in Winston-Salem, NC, with the closest airport being GSO in Greensboro, about 30 minutes from the farm. Attendees coming into GSO can be picked up by CLS staff.  Charlotte (CLT) and Raleigh-Durham (RDU) are also fairly easy drives.  



For questions or further details, please contact Parker at




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