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The Main Functions of the Supervisor

The applicant must draw up a dissertation plan and coordinate it with the supervisor. The mentor will help to correct the plan, the structure of the work, tell you in which sections, what needs to be considered, what sources of information it is better to rely on, etc. How can a supervisor help a dissertation student if the research must be carried out by the applicant independently? In fact, the quality of the dissertation depends on the supervisor (his experience, knowledge, professional skills).

Consider the range of actions that a mentor from a university carries out by analyzing its functions:

  1. Conducts consultations and answers all emerging questions of authors, graduate students, etc.

  2. Monitors the progress of the individual training schedule. Based on the results of each attestation, the supervisor must notify the dean's office of the university about the progress of the graduate student. He compiles a review of his work and offers to either continue his studies or expel him for poor progress. This criterion does not apply to applicants, as they are not required to attend classes at the university.

  3. Helps the graduate student to select high-quality, reliable sources of information, gives recommendations on their processing and interpretation in the work;

  4. Checks the dissertation, both in parts and in full, noting the advantages and disadvantages;

  5. Provides assistance in preparing for the candidate's minimum;

  6. Control in terms of passing pedagogical practice;

  7. Checks and gives recommendations on the preparation of an abstract, presentation for a dissertation;

  8. Writes a review on the dissertation, noting what difficulties the author has encountered, the problem under study and its features, the advantages and disadvantages of the work, etc.

It should be noted that the supervisor is not required to be present at the defense of the dissertation. At the same time, his presence can serve as a good support for the graduate/applicant.


Thus, the joint "creativity" of the supervisor and the dissertation student will allow the latter to obtain a degree, to make a contribution to the development of the industry or science. The quality of the dissertation, as well as success in defending it, actually depends on the professional training and competence of the mentor. The scientific interest of the dissertation student and his curator must be common, unified, then this "tandem" will lead to the desired result.

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