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Dyna Pro is designed to create the ideal conditions for good microbes to come out of dormancy, multiply, and thrive so your horse gets optimal utilization of food and supplements, resulting in a vibrant animal!


Animal health depends on a thriving population of beneficial gut microbes. Factors such as stress, diet changes, chemical wormers, vaccinations, and antibiotics will cause an animal's gut to become an unfriendly environment and will force microbes to go dormant. NOT with DynaPro!


"I am never witihout DynaPro," Parker Lovell says. "I've pulled horses out of minor gas colics within minutes of the first signs that a horse is uncomfortable. A squirt of DynaPro down the horse's throat, and the gut instantly kicks into high gear. The countdown to poop is on! I used to reach for Banamine. Now I reach for DynaPro, and I get even faster and better results!"

DynaPro - Ms. Parker's MUST HAVE Gas Colic Preventer